Monday, August 23, 2010

Melissa and Nathaniel's Wedding

Presenting Mr. & Mrs Nathaniel Boisvenue (This picture was to appear at the end of my post, but it kept dropping the picture so I just put it at the top).

The week of Aug. 6th to Aug. 12th John and I traveled to Ottawa to attend the wedding of our niece Melissa. The day was perfect, the setting was perfect and the bride was beautiful. She was married at the Church of the Ascension which was built in the late 1800, if my memory serves me correctly.

This is Melissa and her Dad at the front of the church. He had just walked her down the aisle and he had just turned her veil back.

Here they are saying their vows before her father who is a Lutheran Pastor.

The exchanging of the wedding bands.
A wedding reception followed at a very nice venue.

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  1. Melissa and Nathaniel's Wedding was outstanding. The couple has so much tenderness on the face. We also are tying the knot soon at one of the local wedding venues in LA so was just thinking to decide on the custom theme. I am not finding any trendy ideas online so it will be great if anyone here could help regarding it.