Monday, August 23, 2010

45th Wedding Anniversary

A few months ago John and I decided we should celebrate our 45th anniversary. At that time it was really hot and we don't have a lot of shade in our back yard so we ordered a tent so we would have some shade for people sitting on the lawn. So the following pictures you see the tent being put up.

We told no one that we were going to have this tent put up so it was fun just watching peoples faces as they came into the yard. We had asked everyone to bring lawn chairs and since the weather did not co-operate and it rained I think most of them thought they had to sit outside anyway. 30 people is a lot to have in a house.

We also had an awning installed on the house as well. Everyone was able to stay under cover and stay dry.

These are a few of our guests sitting around and socializing

I had set our wedding pictures out and they got a few chuckles out of it.

My grand daughter Amanda has turned into a good little baker. She asked if she could make cupcakes for that day and of course I said yes. She made a cupcake tree with handmade roses on the top. Well done Amanda. Thank you so much. I have saved some of the roses.

This is the cake my husband purchased and had it decorated. I left that job for him to do. Well done John.

Here we are cutting the cake like we did 45 yrs ago.


  1. Happy anniversary Audrey! You look amazing!

  2. Great Pictures! Who was your photographer?

  3. Happy Anniversary to both of you! Your gathering was wonderful Audrey - the tent was perfect, the food was fabulous, dessert was amazing, I loved the 'pink fluff', your wedding photos were awesome, and the company was delightful. Thanks for inviting us to share in your special day :)
    Joanne xo

  4. You are very welcome, and Tracy you did a good job on the photo taking.