Saturday, December 31, 2011


Happy New Year from our house to yours.

Audrey & John

Friday, December 30, 2011

The Quilt Saga

About 3 weeks or so before Christmas my Grandaughter Amanda decided she wanted to make her mother Carolyn a quilt for Christmas. King size would you believe. Since it was to be a surprise she asked if it could be made at my house. Oh sure I say as she assured me she has done the smaller ones in 3 days. So I think it could be done in about two weeks if we both get at it.Well, Miss Amanda has school, a job and exams for college, and her mother has her running here, there and everywhere with her, and Amanda the good girl she is had to go with her. Mean while the squares have been cut and laid out on my living room floor to see if we had enough cut and enough fabric.As it turned out we were a bit short on the one color. There it sat for a good week until she could come back with the extra fabric. Time was ticking closer to Christmas, I had no shopping done,no tree up, and I had to go into The Twelve Days of Christmas at TSF, and nothing done for that. I was stressed to say the least.
The squares finally got stacked into rows and taken to my craft room one row at a time and laid out on the floor again so the rows wouldn't get mixed up.

This next picture is out of turn but here she is clipping.Every square had to be clipped on all four sides.

There were many hours at the sewing machine, sewing the squares together. She had to sneak the sewing machine out of her house and tell many little white lies as to why it wasn't at home when her mom needed it for some design team thing she was doing, along with the cutting mat and cutter. Poor Monty and Amanda took the brunt of that and my ears where ringing as well.

Below she has her happy face on as I am sewing the last of the quilt together. It took two of us to do it as it was getting very heavy to maneuver

Below is the quilt folded in half as it was too large to lay over the sofa.

After this was all done she decided she needed to have two king size pillow shams and two accent pillows for the bed. Oh no, I think, we will never get this done on time,but I am not going to be a spoil sport so here we go again and get that all done too. I was so glad to see all this finished I forgot to take pictures of the shams and accent pillows. Oh well, maybe next time.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop

Welcome to day 2 of the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop with Two Scrapbook Friends. You should have arrived here from Joanne's blog.

This is the first blog hop I have ever participated in. I hope you enjoyed yesterday's stop at Joanne's blog. Today I am going to show you some gift card holder ideas.

My holders are made from left over patterned paper and cardstock that I have in my scrap paper folders. For the holder below I used a Spellbinder die cut and a cute little stamp that I embossed and then pen stitched around the edge.

On this one I used stretchy gold cord that wraps around the back to help keep the holder closed and the scalloped circle is cut with my Cricut.

This one has many folds to give it a 3D look!

My favourite is this one.

I hope my gift card holders give you some inspiration to create some of your own. Go to your scrap folders and bins and pull out some of your scraps or stop into Two Scrapbook Friends and pick up some of the great Christmas papers and embellishments they have. Either way, have fun!

Your second secret word is YEAR and tomorrow you will visit Avril's blog for the third day of the hop!

Be sure to leave a comment on each of the blogs you visit in order to qualify for a prize. I hope you enjoy the next 10 days of the hop!

Thank you for checking out my blog on The 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop.

Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Blog Hop With Two Scrapbook Friends

The countdown to Christmas is here and with that in mind, your friends at Two Scrapbook Friends invite you to countdown the 12 Days of Christmas Creations with them. Each day a member of the Two Scrapbook Friends team and a few special friends will share with you some of the projects and inspiration that they have created to celebrate the Season.

Beginning on December 10th at 8 am, you can begin the hop at the first Friend's blog where you can be inspired and leave a comment. That blog will then tell you where you need to hop to on the next day!

You will need to hop from blog to blog leaving a comment on each in order to qualify to be in a draw for a special prize from Two Scrapbook Friends! Also, you will find a SECRET word on each blog which will make a special phrase at the end of the Blog Hop! Once the 12 days of hopping are complete you can email the phrase to us and we will enter you for another ballot to win!

The hop will remain open from December 10th to December 22nd at midnight (EST). Winners will be announced on December 23rd on the Two Scrapbook Friends' blog.

The master blog list is listed below so you don't miss a single inspiring creation!

1st Day of Christmas: Joanne (10th)

2nd Day of Christmas: Audrey (11th)

3rd Day of Christmas: Avril (12th)

4th Day of Christmas: Christa (13th)

5th Day of Christmas: Dee (14th)

6th Day of Christmas: Jan (15th)

7th Day of Christmas: Jayne (16th)

8th Day of Christmas: Sharon (17th)

9th Day of Christmas: Shelby (18th)

10th Day of Christmas: Tammy (19th)

11th Day of Christmas: Carolyn (20th)

12th Day of Christmas: Two Scrapbook Friends Blog (21st)

Have fun celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas Creations with
the Two Scrapbook Friends team!