Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Down Memory Lane

Today my dh and I went on a day trip back to were we used to live about thirty yrs. ago. We used to live in the old town of Markam. We liked Markham so much that when we moved away to Montreal and were transferred back to Toronto again we decided on Markam again. Oh my how it has changed. All for the better I suppose, but I would not want to live there now. Although we lived in Markam we went to church in Unionville. The old part of Unionvilles main street as we new it,always reminded me of St Jacobs so that is why we back today.

This is the start of the main street. Very pretty.

When we used to go here before, all these houses were all turned into shops, really nice ones. Now most of them are restaurants and the shop are almost all gone. Very disappointing

This is were we had a nice lunch.

Most of the houses along the main street look like this one.

I also had to take a picture of the church we used to go to. The parsonage that was beside the church is now gone and an addition was put on. This is also where my youngest daughter was baptized. We really enjoyed going to that church. We still talk about how friendly the people were and we even remembered some of their names after all this time.
It's nice to go done memory lane but it sure is nice to come back home to Kitchener.


  1. I remember that church. Bathezda right? I was hoping you were going to post a picture of our old house. Does it look that same after 30 years?

  2. I didn't take pictures of our old houses because the one on Wootten Way looks very tired on the outside. Not kept up. They changed one one Sir Gwaine. Took down the wrought iron fence and the ceder hedge around the pool and put up a 7 ft wood fence that needs to be brought back to life. Very drab. Both are not the way we left them. Disappointed.

  3. What a wonderful way to spend the day Audrey!

  4. Things never stay the same, do they? But it is fun to reminisce and remember the good times:)
    Joanne xo

  5. Hey Tracy, how do you remember that church, and I don't? I remember other stuff, probably the most vivid place was the Shop 'n Bag......chocolate bars were only 25 cents. Good times!