Monday, January 9, 2012

Crop Day with TSF

I had the privilege to be asked to go on and all day crop with Carolyn and Joanne on Saturday. While they know exactly what they are going to do and how to do it, it takes me half the day to figure out how to start. As a result I only got two layouts finished. I look at it as it's two more done, then if I hadn't gone. Thanks Carolyn and Joanne for asking me.

The layout below is about the purchase of a camping trailer that we are going to use on our trip to the west coast that took 8 weeks to complete in 2006. We no longer have this trailer but have since purchased a larger one which we use alot.

The layout below is of Unionville. My dh and I often take day trips and this one took us to Unionville. We used to live in Markam but went to church in Unionville so we have a few ties to that area. I just love how they have still maintained these old houses.


  1. Awesome layouts mom! The more you scrapbook, the easier it gets. Great job on all the details shots too.

    I am glad you could join us for the crop. We will do it again soon.

  2. Your layouts turned out beautifully and it was a pleasure cropping with you!
    Joanne xo