Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day Trip

On Friday John and I decided to drive to Grand Bend for something to do. We walked the main street and then along the board walk by the beach. On the left side of the board walk were these vacation homes and their lawns were dotted with these colourful lawn chairs.

It was very hot on Friday and we worked up a thirst and an appetite.

A tall cool one for John ,

And a Pina Colada for me.

and Nachos to share. Yum.

Since we came this far our trip then went to Bayfeild and the above picture is one of the Inn's on the main street.

From there we went to Goderich, and after we have our Fish and Chip dinner that we pick up at the pier we drive down to the beach and watch the Highland Pipers play until sunset. They start about one hour before sunset and play until the sun is gone.

One cannot go to Goderich without staying for the sun to set. This is not one of the better sunsets that I have seen but it is still beautiful just the same.

Thanks for checking out my blog.


  1. Sounds like an awesome day trip. Great photos.

  2. Looks fun, hope you enjoyed the day!

  3. Beautiful photos Audrey! We did the same road trip recently. Such a pretty area!
    Joanne xo

  4. wonderful photos. I love the pretty lawn chairs one.