Friday, June 10, 2011

Out Smarted by a Bird

Every year I like to have hanging baskets of firns on my front porch, and every year I try to out smart the birds as they like to make nests in my planters. Every other year they put them smack dab in the middle of my planter but this year they out smarted me. They hid them under neath the folage at the side of the plant. I only saw it when I went out to water the plant and the mommy bird flew out of the planter.

The first time I looked and saw the nest there were 5 eggs. The nest morning one of the eggs had fallen out and smashed.

This is Momma Bird watching me taking pictures and having a bird(LOL).

As I was coming back into the house John noticed the refection off the glass in my front door, so I took a picture facing the door but it looks like I was taking it facing the street. How cool is that.

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  1. I do love seeing the nests the birds build but sometimes they are in the oddest places ... but I guess it was warm! Love the photos.