Thursday, February 10, 2011


Today when I arrived home from work I was greeted at the door. I am always greeted at the door when I get home but it is usually by the dog. He is always so happy to see me, I can barely get in the door and close it, but today my husband was at the door as well. I received a nice welcome home hug and was told dinner was ready. It smelled delicious. I take my outdoor clothes of and go to the kitchen to fine the table all set with table cloth and wine glasses the whole nine yards.WOW! He had made grilled salmon, scalloped potatoes and broccolli. I also saw a long stemed rose and a card.

For desert we had chocolate raspberry cake, Ice Wine (Yum) and tea.

Here is the real surprise. He made this card. He went to my craft room, found some card stock, cut it to size, printed of a lovely verse and put it all together. If you click on the verse you can read what is says. We are both very busy this weekend so he thought today was the perfect time to have a Valentines dinner.

Love You John.


  1. Oh, so nice to know that my parent are still in love. Dad, that was a really sweet thing to do. Mom, did you cry.....I am betting you did!

  2. Wow - what a wonderful thing for him to do!
    Joanne xo