Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I have to tell you, the secret is out. I am having an affair. I sneak out of bed before my husband wakes up and meet my friend.He lives at my house so I only have to go to the basement to meet him. He and I walk and run together almost 7 days a week, I have to take a break sometimes because I can't keep up with him. He is a very quiet man and hums to the music that plays when we are together. He tells me when my heart rate goes up and then says slow down, walk before you run. I used to resist meeting him but I can't do that anymore. Once I started this affair I don't want to stop it.

I guess I will soon have to let my husband know about this affair, then he can decide what he wants to do.I will let all my blogger friends know his name but you can't tell anyone.

His name is Mr Nordic Track.


  1. I too have a Nordic Track hiding in my basement...perhaps we should get to know eachother again ;)

  2. You are too funny Audrey! But if you are going to have an affair with anyone - then he is your man! You go girl!
    Joanne xo