Tuesday, May 4, 2010


For the past four years the first cousin's on my Mothers side of the family have been getting together for lunch at a nice restaurant and then going to someones home for dessert and a nice visit. This year it was my turn to host and we went to the Omega Restaurant and then to my house for dessert and to remanice about some of the silly things we used to do as kids, what our family's are doing and so one. My cousins live in Atwood, Harriston, Neustadt,R.R.5 Mildmay and Kitchener, so there is a bit of travelling to do for these lunches.

In the photo from left to right are, Me(Audrey), Elaine Challmers,Wilma Fisher(sister),Marion Haack(sister),Helen Bryce-Hoy, and Diane Williams.

I wish our children would have had the chance to grow up near their cousins and realise how important family really is.

God willing, we hope to meet again next year.


  1. What a lovely tradition Audrey! I am so glad that you are able to keep in touch with your family that way:)

  2. How nice. Looks like you all enjoyed the visit. I am glad you had good weather.